Wa Ikebana Award

This award is for recently qualified teachers who would like to make a career out of Ikebana. Higher-level teachers are often the subject of competitions and awards at flower shows etc. The Wa Ikebana Award will specifically support new teachers with limited teaching experience. The award also aims to catch the interest of visitors, who will spread the word and further increase number of visitors.


A Wa Ikebana Award Committee will be formed. This committee will have responsibility for the administration of the award; and will report to the Wa Ikebana Exhibition Organizing Committee.


Ikebana teachers who have obtained their initial teaching qualifications in the last four years.
Open to all Ikebana groups and residents of any country.
Those who obtained the first ikebana teachers' qualification (e.g. forth grade teaching diploma in case of Sogestsu school) after September 2015 are eligible for Wa Ikebana Award 2019.


Certificate from Wa Ikebana Award Committee, and a prize of A$100 (institution fee will be deducted).


Apply and pay for the exhibition as per guidelines, and apply to participate in the competition.
Either a standard size or large size exhibition space can be chosen.
It will be stated on the nametag if an exhibitor is competing.
Award entries MUST be set up on Friday evening.


Two judges (from different schools) will be selected from the WA organizing committee. Guest judges may take part.

Each judge is to choose their top three exhibits and give three points to the top exhibit, two points to the runner up and one point to the second runner up. The exhibitor receiving the most points will be the winner.

Scoring points and Award ceremony

Judges in the WA organizing committee inspect the exhibits and make their decisions on Saturday prior to the opening ceremony. The committee will take in the Judges votes. The award ceremony will take place during the opening ceremony.

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